Sworders Modern British & 20th Century Art 20 April 2021

www.sworder.co.uk 49 87-103 CURWEN PRINT STUDY CENTRE COLLECTION Lot 89 *Mary Fedden RA (1915-2012) Two Pears signed and dated ‘10 l.r., oil on canvas 35.5 x 45.5cm, unframed £8,000 - 12,000 Provenance: Gifted in person by Mary Fedden RA to Stanley Jones MBE and Lorraine Chitson in 2010 to raise future funds for the Curwen Print Study Centre. ‘Mary Fedden became involved in printmaking at the Curwen Studio through the influence of Julian Trevelyan, her husband who had gained experience of printmaking in his early career from time spent in Paris with S W Hayter, the well-known etcher and engraver. However, it was only when in London and both were commissioned to produce work by the Waddington Gallery in Cork St, that Mary made her appearance at the Curwen Studio and our association began. She was fascinated by the possibilities of zinc plate lithography and quickly learned how to collaborate with the printers in technical aspects of making her images, which were reflective of a style also present in her paintings. During these years, the images developed a freshness that marked them as some of her most characteristic lithographic prints. Over the many years of working together, we became close friends as well as Artist and Printmaker - a friendship which I valued.’ Stanley Jones MBE ‘Mary and Stanley sat together on a small settee in the studio, she holding his hand delighted to have her old friend with her. They reminisced about Julian and memories of Paris and times gone by. It was very special to have the opportunity to listen to their stories and share our news and plans for the future of the Study Centre. Mary then selected a painting (‘Two Pears’) that she wanted us to have so that we may use it to raise funds for development.’ Lorraine Chitson, Curwen Print Study Centre Director